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STEK SMARTseries window tint film will never fade, provides ultra-clear visibility and blocks thermal and infrared heat transfer. Super clear plastic base layers are combined with nano ceramic materials to block up to 91% of infrared light and reduce solar energy up to 60% all while reducing glare by up to 92%. Keep your sight clear with a high-quality tint that won’t fade, change color or bubble

The SMARTseries Difference

Color retention and performance

STEK integrates tungsten into its multi-layered nano ceramic window tint film for heat transfer protection and natural color retention.

Heat Reduction

SMARTseries delivers a Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) of up to 60% while also providing a shading coefficient as low as .46 to help keep the interior of any vehicle cooler and more shaded.

UV Protection

STEK SMARTseries blocks 99% of the UV rays that can cause skin cancer and other health concerns as well as damage vehicle interiors.

Increase clarity and reduce glare

SMARTseries window tint film can reduce glare by up to 92% and its PET base film provides superior optical clarity.

Installs cleanly

Detail-obsessed manufacturing using only premium base materials creates a tint that is easier to shrink and high-elasticity adhesive makes it easier to install than competitive offerings

Limited Lifetime Warranty

SMARTseries window tint has a limited lifetime warranty against fading, delamination, bubbling and cracking.

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