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Most frequent questions and answers

You are welcome to call in to book directly or use our online booking tool. All of our employees have driven our vehicles extensively and are happy to answer any questions you may have before booking.

We require our renters to be 18 years or older. There is a 20% underage fee added to the rental cost for drivers under 25. With that being said, final discretion on vehicle operation is up to Zadart. If we do not feel comfortable with someone driving a certain vehicle, we reserve the right to ask the customer to choose another vehicle. The fee is applicable if anyone under 25 drives, regardless of a parent/guardian being in the vehicle or on the rental agreement.

If you need to cancel your reservation, you can give us a call and get up to a maximum of 50% refunded. If your rental is less than $200 then you forfeit the entire amount.


If you do not meet our insurance requirement on the day of your rental with us, you are eligible for a maximum of 50% refund.

That depends! We offer both unlimited mileage daily rentals and 100 mile per day daily rentals. A daily rental with us is 24 hours, so whatever time you pick up the vehicle, you are expected to drop it off the next day at the same time. Our hourly rentals (except date night special) are unlimited miles by default. The unlimited mileage is within the state of Washington. If you are headed out of state, give us a call and see what rental options we have for you!  it is a two-day minimum to go out of state and a three-day minimum to go into canada.

All of our vehicles take ONLY premium fuel. That is 91 octane or higher. We require customers to keep the receipts for fuel to ensure that premium has been used. The car is required to be returned with the same amount of gas that it left with. It does not need to be returned full if it did not go out full.

We require a full coverage personal auto policy through a major provider (We do not accept high risk insurance companies e.g. Vern Fonk, The General, National General). Full coverage consists of general liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. You do not need specific dollar amounts of coverage, you just need to have full coverage. Some examples of acceptable carriers are: State Farm, Progressive, Geico, AllState, Pemco, Travelers, SafeCo, American Family, Amica, eSurance, Country Financial. This is not an exhaustive list. If you do not see your insurance carrier listed, PLEASE call before booking! It is no fun to show up to rent with improper insurance. We do not take same day insurance sign ups or same day policy changes to add full coverage. 

your full coverage must be added at least one week before your rental date!! The safety of our customers and our vehicles is our #1 concern!

We accept corporate insurance on a case-by-case basis. Some policies are a little bit trickier than others, so we have to call and find out the policy limits. Some companies, like Progressive Commercial, require the rental vehicle to be added to the policy to be covered. Others, like Accord, do not require the vehicle to be added if rental car coverage is selected. Give us a call and we are happy to figure out if your policy is sufficient!

Many credit cards offer premium car rental insurance. Zadart is happy to use that as secondary coverage, however we require auto insurance as a primary policy. We do not accept only credit card insurance for a rental.

No. We do not sell any sort of physical damage coverage. Zadart only offers an in-house waiver for both loss of use, loss of diminished value coverage and wheel and tire protection. These are optional at the time of rental, as most major insurance providers will not cover either of these losses.

No. Unfortunately due to the high likelihood of accelerated wear on clutches, our vehicles are automatic, most with option paddle shifters. Maybe in the future!

NO! Absolutely not. This is not safe for our customers or our vehicles. All of our vehicles are tracked and geofenced. Our vehicles are not allowed at any racetrack or street race event. Almost every time a car goes out, our friends and fans send us pictures and videos of our vehicles. We know where and when street racing happens. If we see a vehicle being used in any sort of race, it is in violation of our rental agreement and your rental may be terminated.

No! We make sure to do a complete walk through of the vehicle and its functions with our customers before leaving the lot. If you have any questions about operations, please call or text and we are happy to help you out! There are tons of helpful YouTube videos on the operations of these cars that can be watched before your rental as well.

Yes. There is no additional fee to add another driver to your rental. Their insurance must be verified and they must sign a rental agreement as well. Wanting to rent multiple cars with a friend? Awesome! Just sign a rental agreement for both cars and you can switch vehicles during your rental duration.

Absolutely! We have a secured parking lot with many security cameras that we trust to ensure the safety of our vehicles, so yours will be safe as well! However, Zadart is not responsible for damage that may occur on our lot.

Unfortunately, we do not offer airport transportation at this time. We are a 20-30 minute Uber/Lyft ride from the SeaTac airport.

Yes. Delivery cost is based on distance, time, and employee availability. prices starts at $150.00 each way.

Please contact us at 425-922-3336 to discuss scheduling a delivery or pickup.

We offer our date night special and walk in special all the time. Any other deals will be posted on our website as a header or a pop-up.
Please note that due to the unique nature of our rental structure, our coupons work a little differently than normal websites, if you use a coupon incorrectly you will be notified and charged the difference, we are working on getting this fixed in the future.
Additionally, we will post deals on our Facebook or Instagram, or send them out to our email/text service subscribers. Make sure to get on the list so you don’t miss anything!

No. Our full inventory is listed on our website. If we get a new vehicle, it will be added to the website as soon as possible.

No. Unfortunately the insurance is quite a headache for chauffer services, and we are unable to offer it at this time.

Yes! Our showroom is open to everyone, no appointment needed! Feel free to drop in and check out what we have in stock. Please be respectful and refrain from touching or sitting in the vehicles unless we give you permission to do so. Just ask! We also offer a 20% walk-in discount as well.

No. We do not offer test drives or test rides before rentals. Feel free to check out some YouTube videos to decide what car you want to rent!

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